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There are many Bryanston pilates classes being offered as it has become quite trendy over the years and without a doubt you will benefit from regular sessions and Pilates being part of your life. Studios are popping up offering classes and here is some insight to my Pilates background. Having over 11 years of teaching experience, 3 international qualifications and 3 countries of exposure.

Pilates group class schedule:

Tuesdays: 8am – Equipment class

Thursdays: 8am – Equipment class

Saturdays: 8am – Pilates mat class

Pilates equipment classes utilize the Pilates reformer and chair with mat work. This gives you a broad and challenging class. It is highly recommended that you have done a class on the Pilates equipment prior to booking for this class. If not please schedule at least 4 private one on one sessions before hand. (Please see pricing in bold below). Click here to request a day and time for your first Pilates private session. If you can not find a time that suits you please contact Steph directly so we can make a plan for you.

Equipment class numbers are a minimum of 3 people and are limited to 4 to ensure correct instruction We keep our class small to give you value for money and as much attention as possible.

Please contact me regarding prices.

*Cancellations under 24 hours are charged in full.

How to get started:

We all want results when we start or commit to an exercise program. What is important is that you know what your goals are. I recommend writing down 3 main goals. Below are some of the results you can expect from doing Pilates consistently over a period of time.

  • Strength
  • Mobility
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Toning
  • Helps with anxiety and depression
  • Improves posture
  • Reduces injuries
  • Increases range of movement
  • Enhances body awareness
  • Helps with body confidence and image
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Improves sporting performance e.g. running and cycling
  • Helps with weak and overactive Pelvic Floor issues

What we recommend:

When committing to Pilates as a beginner we recommend at least 2 to 3 sessions per week. This obviously depends on your goals and your time-frame.


*Bookings are essential. Please contact Steph.


Steph: 0760893666


My Pilates story…

I first heard about Pilates in 2003. My first class was at my local gym in Perth, Western Australia. I was in my last year of high school and went along with my mum and friends for a “healthy social”. Little did I know that the instructor would inspire me to become an instructor and that I would have the privilege of working with what was then a budding Pilates teacher training  company that is now over a decade old and all over the world – “art of motion training in movement” and founder Karin Gurtner.

The Dancer

I had been a ballet dancer since I was 4 years old and decided after a 3 year break I would like to pursue dancing as a career. This proved to be a lot harder than I anticipated.  After 3 years of no dance conditioning my body was injury prone and my confidence low. So I accepted dancing was a non-starter but like so many out of high school I had no idea what to do.


I enrolled in a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in accounting as you do when you are clueless! I was always creative and artistic at school so accounting was a really strange choice (it was my mothers voice in the background saying “its always good to understand money”). I pushed through. Whilst studying I came to the conclusion that accounting was just NOT an option. At 20 I had a “life crisis” – what was I going to do!? I was not content with just travelling around the world and doing what a lot of my friends were doing at the time.

The criteria

I wanted to earn an income BUT I wanted to do something that fitted the following criteria:

  • I had to love it
  • I had to move
  • It had to benefit me and others
  • It had to be creative and stimulating
  • It had to be an international skill
  • It had to be a skill for life


Pilates ticked all of those boxes and more. We had moved to Perth as a family from Zimbabwe. The stress of moving to a new country and the pressure of doing well took its toll. I did not feel like a vibrant young adult, I felt tired.

Pilates not only allowed me to move and be creative again but it helped me to feel energized again.  I asked Karin how to become an instructor. As it turned out Karin was in the process of registering and starting her own Pilates teacher training method called “art of motion training in movement”. This training is now all over Australia and Europe.

Pilates in Bryanston
Karin in the middle on the left

Since completing my teacher training with “art of motion” in 2006 I taught around Perth and went on to study further with Polestar Pilates an international American based teacher training course. Polestar and “art of motion” were very different and both forms of training added value to the other. Polestar had a technical focus and art of motion had a movement focus. I wanted to learn as much as I could.


After 2 years of teaching in Australia I returned to be with my family in Botswana in September 2008. I taught at various, gyms, studios and privately in Botswana until moving to Johannesburg in 2014.


Since moving to Joburg I have done further teacher training and I have had the privilege of working at different studios. I really enjoy learning and combining multiple Pilates methods. My method of teaching is very client focused and goal orientated. I look forward to meeting you and working towards your movement goals.